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Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Review: Is Comfort Really King?

nike air max 90 ultra infraredThe Ultras are the younger cousins of the Nike Air Max 90 family. They offer a lighter design and a sweeter fit than the originals, although you still benefit from the silhouette and the classic design elements.

You could get the first Max 90s in 1990 (hence the name), although they were first pushed as the Air Max 3s. The Ultras joined the lineup in 2015, debuting on the 25th anniversary of the original.

This release was part of Nike's ongoing effort to innovate and improve its classic models, making them more relevant to contemporary tastes and environmental considerations.

Why Comfort is King With Air Max 90 Ultras

• The mesh portions of the upper allow for better air circulation, keeping feet more relaxed and more comfortable over an extended period of sitting, standing, or moving.

• Nike’s Ultra models often feature updated cushioning technologies, including the use of softer, more responsive foam materials in the midsole. This inclusion provides a plush, supportive feel underfoot.

• The design and materials also contribute to a more flexible shoe, which moves naturally with the foot, reducing fatigue and discomfort.

Comparing the Materials Shows Strong Advantages

One of the most significant changes in the Ultra versions is using lighter materials and updated manufacturing techniques. Nike employed a no-sew upper and a more breathable mesh in certain areas, which reduced the shoe's weight while delivering a more streamlined look.

That made them quite popular at the time, and they still are an affordable choice for anyone wanting to update their look.

The Ultra sole uses less material per unit, adding to the lighter feeling while delivering a competitive price point. It’d be fair to say that if you put the originals next to the Ultras, the latter would look like it’d been on a diet with a rigorous workout routine added to the mix.

The Nike Air Max 90s use a combination of leather, suede, and mesh for durability and ventilation. These materials contribute to the shoe's iconic look but also add to its weight.

When you step into the Air Max 90 Ultras, you'll immediately notice the emphasis on a lighter wearer's profile. The design includes more advanced materials, including synthetic uppers and breathable mesh with no-sew overlays.

While the Ultras retain the air sole unit, this version includes a newer midsole that offers a lighter feel without sacrificing the cushioning the foot receives. It incorporates updated patterns to ensure better durability and traction in multiple environments.

Environmental Considerations with Nike Air Max 90 Ultras

In some iterations, Nike has focused on reducing the environmental impact of the Air Max 90 Ultras by using recycled materials and more sustainable production processes. This effort aligns with the broader trend in the sneaker industry toward more eco-friendly practices.

When introducing the Ultras into the Air Max 90 family, Nike incorporated several manufacturing changes. Here is a brief review of what you’ll find from the manufacturing results when looking at this sneaker.

Using Recycled Materials for Construction

Nike has been innovating in this area by using recycled polyester, rubber, and foam, among other materials, to construct various sneaker components, including the Air Max 90 Ultras.

This investment helps to reduce waste and lessen the demand for new or virgin materials. These practices create an opportunity to reach an eco-friendly market without sacrificing the comfort, quality, or look of the Ultras for the existing fans.

Nike encourages consumers to bring back worn-out shoes to Nike stores for recycling. These items are then processed through the Grind program, contributing to the circular economy to reduce landfill waste.

Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Nike continues to work with the Ultras and other shoe designs to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. The company’s efforts in this category include adopting new methodologies and implementing renewable energy sources at its factories.

For the Air Max 90 Ultras, that means a more environmentally friendly production process from start to finish.

Their efforts in this category include precise cutting techniques to optimize material usage and innovative assembly methods that reduce the need for adhesives and other materials that can complicate recycling.

New Waste Reduction Practices

The streamlined design of the Nike Air Max 90 Ultras reduces waste in each shoe's design and assembly. By removing a percentage of the materials needed compared to its previous works, each factory can improve its manufacturing efficiency rates. In return, fewer unwanted items are generated.

Packaging reductions are part of this initiative. Nike works to reduce the size and scope of the materials used to safeguard its products during shipping. The investments here range from new designs to using more recycled materials to accomplish the desired outcome.

Water Use Reduction

This issue is a significant environmental consideration in the production of trainers. Nike has implemented strategies to reduce water use in the dyeing and finishing processes, which are traditionally water-intensive in factory settings.

This change is part of a broader effort to make the production of models like the Air Max 90 Ultras more sustainable. Their efforts include recycling old trainers and repurposing them into new products, like running tracks and playground surfaces. They can even be turned into usable components for new shoes!

Making an Impact with Nike Air Max 90 Ultras

Nike's knack for innovation has ensured that the Air Max 90 remains relevant, and the Ultra version is a testament to that. They've managed to keep the soul of the original while adapting to the needs and tastes of today's shoe lovers.

It's no wonder they've been embraced by both long-time Air Max fans and newcomers alike!

Whether you love shoes that combine classic designs with modern technology or your primary focus is putting something fantastic on your feet, the Nike Air Max 90 Ultras are an excellent choice. With the different colour choices available, you can quickly find something that works with your fit!