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Nike Air Max 90 Review: 5 Best Designs to Consider

best nike- air max 90sThe Nike Air Max 90 shoes are a true classic in the world of trainer's, with a story that's as cool as their design. Launched in 1990, they were initially known as the Air Max III until they were rebranded in the 2000s.

These kicks were the brainchild of legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, the name behind many of Nike's most iconic models.

What sets the Air Max 90s apart from other Nike shoe designs is the bold, somewhat chunky silhouette it provides. You also get a visible air-based unit in the heel, a revolutionary development in sneaker technology when it was originally introduced.

The Air Max 90s had the looks while offering more than a lifestyle option. These kicks were all about providing walking and running innovation. You received significant cushioning and added comfort with each step, which made them quite appealing. The first time you put them on back then, you felt like you could run faster and jump higher.

5 Best Nike Air Max 90 Designs to Consider

It's fair to say that the Nike Air Max 90 has seen some pretty exciting iterations over the years, blending innovation, art, and culture. Let's look at a few of the standout versions that have helped cement its place as a legendary shoe.

1 - Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse

These 2012 additions offered a significant leap forward in the technology incorporated into the design. They are lightweight without compromising comfort or structure while increasing airflow around the foot.

This outcome was accomplished by fusing three different materials to deliver an outstanding shoe. One layer is for stability, another for breathability, and the final adds more durability to the shoe. It's fused together with a hot-melt process instead of seams or stitching, which is why it feels so light on the foot.

2 - Nike Air Max 90 Ice

This 2014 version brought something new to the table with its translucent outsole and geometrically patterned upper. It played with transparency and patterns in a fresh and innovative way, highlighting the sneaker's architectural qualities.

The name comes from the shoe's translucent outsole and the geometric pattern appearing beneath it. The Air Max 90 Ice is a perfect example of this philosophy in action, offering something fresh and different while maintaining the core attributes that have made this lineup a beloved silhouette for over a generation.

3 - Nike Air Max 90 Sneakerboot

Another update in 2014 brought a high-top boot to this shoe lineup, allowing you to look stylish in the snow without worrying about what you'd do to your regular shoes. It was a bold, almost controversial design at the time, but it paid off for Nike as these flew off the shelves in no time at all.

You could have comfortable feet in any weather conditions with the sneakerboot 90s added to your closet. The best part was that they didn’t look like a traditional winter boot at all. Most designs were reminiscent of work or trail footwear.

4 - Nike Air Max 90 Flyknit

In 2017, this lineup was updated with new technologies that made the shoes even lighter and more breathable than the previous versions. Nike did an excellent job of combining the traditional appeal of the Max 90s with new material science and a desire for more colourways.

5 - Nike Air Max 90 QS Mars Landing

This shoe featured a Mars-themed upper with a design mimicking the Martian surface, complete with a metallic sheen and a speckled sole. It was a follow-up to the "Moon Landing" Air Max Lunar90 SP and showed Nike's love for space-themed designs.

Launched in 2019, the upper includes reflective components manufactured from 3M. It has a unique ability to capture light and let it shine in the dark, creating a look with its screen-printed materials showing Mars's rocky surfaces.

The design is complemented with black accents, including the laces, lining, and padded collar, which contrast beautifully with the fiery red and orange prints.

Infrared Was the Original Colorway

The original colourway, the “Infrared,” is particularly famous for its striking use of bright red, which pops against the subdued backdrop of whites and greys. It has been reimagined over the years in different ways, although the first ones are still often seen as the best.

To keep the Air Max 90s feeling fresh, Nike has offered limited-time collaborations and used different materials to create different looks.

When the shoe was initially offered, it was marketed as a performance runner. Today, it is more of a streetwear staple, although not necessarily as intensely craved as the Air Jordans right now. It is still a beloved addition for sneakerheads, fashionistas, and even casual wearers who value comfort and style.

Recent updates have changed the look and feel of these shoes into something unique and modern. For instance, the “Air Max 90 FlyEase” features a collapsible heel for easy access, marrying the classic design with comfort innovations.

Whether you're into shoes for their tech aspects, role in fashion, or street cred, the Air Max 90 has something for everyone.

Air Max 90 Pros List

  • Good durability. These shoes can last over six months owned by a runner.

  • High quality materials and good manufacturing.

  • Fairly easy to clean depending on the materials used.

  • Can be quite stain resistant. White 90s will be a challenge to keep looking fresh.

  • One of the widest selection of colorways.

  • Offers good breathability.

  • True-to-size fit.

  • Affordable price point for most.

Air Max 90 Cons List

  • May not be a good fit if you have very wide feet.

  • It is advised to break these shoes in walking before you start running.

  • Rubber on the toe begins to come away and needs glueing at around 6-8 months.

Are the Air Max 90s a Good Choice for Today’s Looks?

Each version of the Air Max 90 highlights the company's innovative spirit behind the designs while highlighting the power of shoes to serve as a canvas for artistic expression.

The staying power of the Air Max 90 is a testament to its design and cultural impacts and commentaries. It's not just a shoe. This iconic Nike design is a piece of history that continues its evolutionary path without losing the essence of its origin story.

From technological advancements to collaborations with high-profile designers and thematic inspirations, the Air Max 90's evolution mirrors the dynamic world of shoes and fashion.

Whether you're rocking them for a run or styling them up for a night out, they're as versatile as they are cool. That makes them worth considering whenever you need to add a little something to your wardrobe!