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Asics GEL Venture 9 Review: Good Durability for Runners?


When I want to increase the levels of daily running I do for training, Asics is the brand I trust to get the job done. My feet have higher bones around the arch that can lead to significant injuries without the correct support, especially during an extended session. I get that help with this brand.

Looking at the Asics GEL Venture 9, there are some unique advantages that come with this shoe. Here is a closer look at my experiences with it to see if it could be similarly beneficial for your needs.

Comparison to Previous Versions

Previous versions of the GEL Venture from Asics featured a no-sew upper mesh, but the 9s offer a more refined wearing experience. The design is updated to improve aesthetics and deliver a better overall fit.

Slight adjustments to the gel placement in the shoe have improved comfort for the Venture 9s. This approach extends to the outsole, where minor updates have enhanced the performances one receives when navigating a trail. 

In the past, these shoes were marketed primarily to trail runners. With this new version, you have a broader appeal to enjoy. That includes casual wearers.

Pros and Cons



The inclusion of GEL technology in the rearfoot area helps in absorbing shock, which is beneficial during high-impact activities.

Some people might find them slightly heavier than other trail running shoes, which could affect speed and agility during runs.

These shoes provide excellent grip on various surfaces, including wet and slippery trails.

The mesh may not provide enough support during the hottest days of the year.

They are relatively inexpensive, making them accessible to a wide range of consumers.

The cushioning is excellent, but it may not meet the demands of some runners.

A Shoe Constructed for Someone on the Move

What impressed me most was the exceptional durability of the GEL Venture 9. These shoes have endured many miles without any signs of wear and tear, which speaks volumes about their build quality.

The stability is another highlight of my experience. It keeps my foot secure and well-aligned, which is crucial for maintaining good running form with my arches.

The traction deserves a special mention. Running on trails can sometimes be challenging, especially under slippery conditions, but the GEL Venture 9 offers reliable traction that boosts confidence on varying terrains. This feature alone makes them a top choice for anyone who likes an adventure when putting in the time to train.

Whether you're hiking, walking, or engaging in other outdoor exercises, these shoes can handle various types of terrains and conditions.

I love how breathable the upper is on this Asics design. It’s made from a mesh material that enhances airflow around the foot. My feet stay relatively cool and dry, even when it’s a long trail or route I’m navigating.

You also get to enjoy the GEL technology from this brand when using these shoes. It does an excellent job of absorbing foot impacts, even on a long run. I’ve noticed a significant reduction in stress-related discomfort around my knees and hips with them.

By staying comfortable, I can be out there longer. That means my training can be more effective!

The GEL Technology Is a Standout Feature

Slipping your foot into an Asics gel shoe for the first time feels a lot like heaven. It is a soft, silicone-based product placed where you need the most support.

For the Gel Venture 9, the GEL cushioning is typically located in the heel area, which is critical for absorbing the impact during heel strike as you run.

When the foot strikes the ground, the GEL unit compresses to absorb the shock, which would otherwise be transmitted up through the legs to the joints. In addition to this benefit, you’ll notice the material quickly returns to its original shape during use. That feature helps with the transition from the back to the front of the foot, making the steps feel smooth and efficient.

On your first impression, it might seem like these Asics shoes would be heavy with the GEL technology. It’s the opposite! They are light enough to avoid impeding your performance while providing your desired protection levels.

It can stand the repeated compressions of multiple long-distance runs without issue while delivering an affordable price for what you receive. I have had lots of fun exploring using these shoes because they have lessened the fatigue I feel on long runs. 

Delivering a Classic Brand Look

If you invest in these shoes for your running needs or outdoor adventures, you’ll notice that they deliver a classic Asics aesthetic. The visuals are sporty, modern, and structured, encouraging you to take action when you’re ready to move.

Asics offers the GEL Venture 9 in several combinations, which range from more understated and neutral tones to vibrant and bold hues. The yellow highlighting with a black background is a personal favourite.

The detailing on the soles and the patterns integrated into the design gives it a dynamic look, emphasizing its suitability for high-energy activities. Combined with the AMPLIFOAM cushioning, you get a lovely, flexible feel with each step.

These choices allow virtually anyone to select a pair that meets their performance requirements while matching with their personality and style.

How to Clean the GEL Venture 9 Shoes After Training

I highly recommend using spot-cleaning methods when restoring your shoes after a long training session. That process begins by removing the loose dirt and debris from the exterior once you’ve returned home or wherever you need to be next.

When some stubborn spots exist (and it can happen from the trail), I recommend investing in a soft toothbrush to scrub the outsoles. Anything stronger could leave scuffing that you don’t want on the shoe.

If the mesh gets very dirty, you can scrub that area with your brush. Soapy water works well for cleaning the soles. The crevices and grooves tend to pick up loose materials and compact them as you run, so it’s crucial to focus on those areas.

I would not recommend placing these shoes in the dryer. High heat could damage them. If they need time to dry, I recommend keeping them inside and away from direct sunlight. Stuffing the shoes with paper helps them hold their shape. 

Final Verdict

This shoe design from Asics comes with a wide option in all the standard sizes. It gives your foot room to breathe while delivering a comfortable foundation for most outdoor activities or your indoor workout sessions.

I love the stability and support I get from these shoes. The combination of gel- and foam-based technology provides comfort and structure for my unique foot, conforming to the strike pattern without feeling like the area is compressed.

I’ve broken my foot in other running shoes that were meant to be supportive because the design didn’t work for my arch and toe box during long sessions. I have no worries about that repeating itself with the Asics GEL Venture 9. These shoes have become one of my go-to options for training, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone that loves a fun outdoor adventure.