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Brooks Ghost 15 Review: How it Supports Neutral Runners


The smooth ride that the Ghost 15 delivers makes it a shoe that runners love. It's an excellent all-around shoe that supports your activities, even if your day involves more standing or walking than running. 

Could it be the right shoe for you? Let's take a closer look at my experience with the Brooks Ghost 15. 


The design offers a 12mm drop, which can feel a little high to some runners. You’ll get the same option with the GTX version. With the Ghost Max, it is reduced by 50%.

Brooks designed the 15s to support neutral runners. Although they are a little heavy, the 15 series is consistently around 285g. If you want something lighter, I recommend upgrading to the 16 version.

The design is built for street running, delivering a supportive experience for those with strong strides. There is enough plushness to reduce fatigue without entirely removing the response you'd expect from a top running shoe.

As for the upper, Brooks uses a material containing 57% recycled materials. It is a certified carbon-neutral item. 

How the Brooks Ghost 15 Compares

When looking at the features and components of the 15s in the Ghost series, there are some key differences to note from the previous releases.

  • The 14s went with a full-length v1 option of the DNA LOFT technology, while the 14s used a midsole mix that delivered more balance than softness.
  • Brooks made the 15s lighter than the 14s, refining the midsole to shave away some weight.
  • The upper has progressively improved from the 13 to the 15, with the 14 and 15 incorporating a more adaptive and breathable mesh.
  • You will get more room in the toebox with the 15s compared to what the 14s offer.

These shoes also have a high heel stack of 36.3 mm, providing substantial cushioning, especially for strikers in that region. Previous designs could have been more generous in delivering support in that way. 

Pros and Cons



You receive excellent ventilation with the 15s because the engineered mesh upper prevents your feet from becoming too hot while running. 

While not overly heavy, some runners might find the shoe unsuitable for speedwork due to its cushioning focus.

The design offers a smooth transition while running, even if you strike more in the midfoot than the heel.

Although the outsole is versatile, it's more suitable for road running and light trails rather than rugged terrain. It is not a cross-country design.

Brooks uses its DNA LOFT v2 cushioning to create a soft, responsive feel that delivers support without taking away the entire response.

Runners with narrow feet might need to size down or consider a different model due to the spacious toe box. Different widths are available, though narrow feet could be challenging to fit.

These shoes are an excellent choice for runners who need a supportive, all-around product for various training requirements.

The cushioning can feel mushy when undertaking a long training session if you have overly sweaty feet.

The reinforced heel delivers a durable structure and ensures reliable traction for runners in changing outdoor conditions.

There are fewer colour and design choices to consider with this lineup than other options from Brooks.

A Look at the Fit and Feel

This shoe is definitely comfortable. It isn’t to the point where it feels overwhelming, but it could impact your training if you’re used to something firmer. There is still a spring to your step while running, though it is somewhat muted.

I like how the engineered mesh upper works to adapt to your foot shape. This feature delivers a secure fit without it feeling overly restrictive. As someone who has broken their foot in a shoe that was too stiff and tight, I appreciate the natural movement the Ghost 16s provide.

The outsole offers good traction on roads and light trails. It uses blown rubber in the forefoot to create extra grip with each step. This design element enhances the runner's responsiveness without interfering with the expected transition.

It is a remarkably versatile shoe that can handle different paces and distances. I like it more for long-distance training than speed, but the shoe can still handle most needs.

I’d say you receive a balanced mix of comfort and responsiveness.

What Stands Out Most?

The 15s' versatility is what makes them stand out from Brooks' other designs and releases. They are comfortable for daily training, long runs, and recovery days, making them a reliable choice for runners seeking a dependable workhorse.

The breathable mesh upper adds to the comfort of keeping feet cool and supported.

Those elements are supported by the cushioning in the midsole, working with the segmented crash pad to provide a better transition. These factors create an experience that makes you want to get out there and do some training.

I did find that the 15s, though durable, do not last as long as some other designs. I typically get about six months of use before they’re ready to be replaced. If you’re a daily runner like me, consider getting a second pair to alternate some of the wear on them for a better experience.

Is the Brooks Ghost 15 a Consistent Shoe?

If you’re coming from a different brand (especially New Balance), the Ghost 15 design does take a little bit of an adjustment. The heel-to-drop is noticeably different, although I’d say the softness you receive makes up for the awkwardness or discomfort that some runners might feel.

I compare the feeling of wearing the 15s to that of an indoor moccasin. It’s snug and comfortable, ready to go with you throughout the day.

With a higher arch, I might say they could use some more support in that area. However, runners with a neutral gait should enjoy the experience right away. It isn’t enough of a dealbreaker for me to want to return the shoes.

Runners looking for support will find what they need here. The Brooks Ghost 15 can also help you get through a workday, take a leisurely stroll, or enjoy an evening out with friends. It checks every box!