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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23 Review: Are They Good for Running?


The Adrenaline GTS series has been a staple of the Brooks lineup since 1999. With the latest model, there’s an emphasis on using recycled materials to reduce each product's carbon footprint, offering a way to support green initiatives while staying fit.

Founded in 1914, Brooks initially made bathing shoes and ballet slippers. Today, runners like me enjoy the biomechanics incorporated into each design to accommodate different styles or prevent injuries.

The company is currently headquartered in Seattle.


These shoes are built for stability. They’re designed for runners (including me) needing extra support during a training session.Here’s a quick overview of the features that come with this model.

  • They include GuideRails technology, which provides support by keeping your feet aligned and preventing excessive movement.
  • An engineered mesh upper ensures breathability and a comfortable fit, while 3D Fit Print technology gives the 23s a secure and snug feel.
  • The outsole is designed to provide good traction and flexibility, allowing for smooth transitions.

I really appreciate the durability found in the midsole, especially when combined with the outsole design. Brooks built a shoe that’s designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them suitable for consistent training.

How it Compares to Previous Designs

For me, the 23s are a continuing story that Brooks keeps evolving to meet the modern runner's needs. Each version builds upon the previous one to deliver impressive results.

For me, there are important differences you can find in these shoes compared to their predecessors.

Earlier versions had less refined GuideRails, which were still supportive but less adaptive. This technology reduces unwanted movement in your stride, creating more fluid, natural motions to minimise fatigue while running. 

With the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, you receive DNA Loft v2 cushioning, which is softer and lighter than what previous designs offered.

I also like how the new outsole provides a smoother transition and better traction than previous models. However, the older versions still do an excellent job supporting runners in this area.

To summarise, I feel that the 23s provide more support, a lighter feel, and more breathability. If those are priorities for you, I think you’ll love this shoe.

Pros and Cons



Runners receive a softer feel in the shoe, improving shock absorption for daily training or a long-distance run.

The snug fit of the 3D Fit Print may feel restrictive for those who prefer more room in the toe box or midfoot area.

The stability technology in this design does an excellent job for individuals with overpronation issues.

Because the cushioning does feel soft on the foot, runners preferring a faster or firmer response may come away feeling a little disappointed.

You receive an engineered mesh upper with 3D-printed materials to support and reduce hot spots that can lead to discomfort or injuries.

The stability features add a little weight to the shoe that may be undesirable to some.

The outsole design supports a seamless heel-to-toe transition, which is an advantage for runners who need a consistent stride.

Brooks offers straightforward design options with different colours, but it remains comparatively basic to other styles.  

My Experience with the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23

The first thing I noticed was the snug, secure fit around my heel and midfoot. The 3D Fit Print and engineered mesh upper supported my feet without feeling too tight, offering just the right amount of stretch.

When I took them out for my first run, I immediately appreciated the plush cushioning in the midsole. I usually prefer a firm shoe, but this design felt responsive and fluid as it moved with me.

I will say that when I wanted to put in some time doing some speed work, the responsiveness I got from the 23s was a little disappointing. It dampens how your foot interacts with the ground.

For a daily training run or time at the gym, I felt like these shoes were perfect. The stability features limit fatigue, and I don’t feel as achy after a long-distance session. I’ve been wearing the shoes about three times per week, and I’m still on the originals I obtained for the review.

What It Feels Like to Wear the Adrenaline GTS 23

When I first slipped on a pair of these running shoes, the snugness you receive around the heel and the midfoot was excellent. There is no slipping or sliding, but you still have enough give in the movement to prevent sores or blisters before they get worked in for you.

The cushioning is immediately noticeable. Even though I don’t have overpronation issues to correct, my foot felt cradled in the shoe. It feels like each surface is a modern track oval because of the soft sensations you receive while in stride.

Unlike other running shoes that focus solely on overpronation, I felt like there was plenty of support for me to use the 23s. Every runner is different, of course, but the structure felt strong enough to deliver a comfortable run.

As you walk or run, the heel-to-toe transition is smooth, aided by the outsole’s flexibility. The 23s encourage a natural forward roll that feels fluid.

I can get hot feet during a light running session. Most running shoes today can help with that, but I found this design to be superior. Much more air circulates as you move, eliminating that slimy feeling that can develop in your sock. It stays a comfortable environment in almost any setting.

Although I would say that the shoes feel a little heavier on the foot compared to other designs or brands, it is a positive for me. The extra weight gives you confidence in the control you have during a training session.

Overall, the experience of wearing the Brooks GTS 23 is one of comfortable, well-cushioned support with reliable stability features that don’t compromise your movement.


The price point for the 23s is comparable to what you'll receive from other brands that provide trail and training runners. I like the fact you can get different colourways to work with your personality and fit while supporting your feet in specific ways. 

Although the design itself is relatively straightforward and somewhat simple, the shoe works as advertised. Some options come with up to four width choices so that the fit can be comfortable for virtually anyone.

I found the shoes to be true to size. However, if you have been wearing the Adrenaline GTS series for a while, the previous models did tend to be a little bigger. You might think about making an adjustment in the size you purchase to accommodate that shift.

If anything could be changed about this shoe design, I think I'd like the tongue to be a little longer. You receive a low-profile design that supports the foot, but if you want to wear ankle socks, there can be some rubbing on your leg that can be irritating on a long run.

I loved running in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 23, even without overpronation issues to correct. If you want a stable training experience, you’ll get just that when investing in these shoes.