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Nike Air Max 95 Review: How it Supports Your Forefoot & Heel

nike-air-max-95-greySome people adore the Nike Air Max 95. Others don’t mind the look, but they decide to give it a pass for another option. Since being introduced in 1995, these trainers have transcended their original purpose of being a high-powered runner to become a staple of modern streetwear.

Sergio Lozano designed the original Air Max 95s. He took the inspiration for the look from basic human anatomy, envisioning the different layers of the shoe like a person has skin to protect their body.

Looking at the various layered panels on the 95s, Lozano immediately interprets muscle fibres embedded into the shoe design. The lace loops are designed to be the "ribs" of the shoe, while the outside is given a firm backbone to support your feet.

These elements helped to set the Nike Air Max 95 apart from its competitors at the time. It was more than a fashionable, forward-thinking that drew people to this shoe. It changed how your feet were cushioned when walking or running.

What Was Different About the Nike Air Max 95?

When Nike introduced its Air Max technology in 1987, the primary focus of the shoe designs was to offer support at the heel. The Air Max 95s were the first option to deliver air cushions there and at the forefoot.

Although relatively simple, this change provided exceptional comfort and support compared to the other shoes on the market at the time.

Since you could see the dual air conditioning through the shoe’s sole, there was a design element that went with the 95s with its improved functioning. You could wear something that was 100% unique at the time, and still is today, in some respects.

As a result, Air Max 95 quickly transcended its roots as a running shoe to become an icon of street culture. Its distinctive look, especially the original "Neon" colourway with its gradients of grey and striking neon yellow accents, captured the imagination of a generation.

The shoe was adopted by subcultures across the globe, from hip-hop artists in the United States to Gabber music fans in the Netherlands, each adding their own significance to the shoe's legacy.

The Air Max 95's cultural impact is also tied to its media appearances and association with celebrities. It has been featured in countless music videos, movies, and TV shows and worn by athletes, musicians, and fashion icons.

These elements created a must-have attitude for the 95s that carries on today. It looks modern right now, which is why it was such a forward-thinking release in 1995.

Design Innovations & Different Iterations

Over the years, the Air Max 95 has seen numerous iterations. Each new design brings unique innovations that still honour Lozano's vision. The number of colourways for the 95s is now counted in the hundreds, each providing something for every taste and occasion.

You can discover understated monochromes to unique, eye-catching options that match virtually any fit.

Collaborations with designers, artists, and cultural figures have further expanded the range, making each release an event anticipated by many around the world.

Technologically, the Air Max 95 has also evolved. Nike has incorporated its latest materials and cushioning technologies to improve the shoe’s comfort, durability, and sustainability. These updates have allowed this design to remain relevant, right at the forefront of shoe technology, decades after its initial release.

As we look to the future, Nike's commitment to sustainability promises to bring new chapters to the Air Max 95 story. The effort to use recycled materials and more sustainable production methods is part of Nike's broader initiative to reduce its environmental footprint.

This shoe is the ideal platform to showcase the latest ideas from Nike and the entire industry to help create a more sustainable future for everyone.

Slipping on the Nike Air Max 95 Today

For anyone interested in the evolution of sneaker culture, the story of the Air Max 95 is essential. It encapsulates the spirit of the mid-'90s while remaining strikingly contemporary, a feat that only a few designs have managed to achieve. As it continues to evolve, one can only imagine what the next 25 years will bring for this iconic shoe.

The story of the 95s is more than the commercial success that Nike and Lozano received from their investment. It is a testament to the power of innovative thinking, pushing boundaries, overcoming doubts, and embracing the process of an artistic vision.

In reflecting on the Air Max 95's journey from a cutting-edge running shoe to a streetwear staple, it's clear that its legacy is not just in the innovations it introduced or the trends it set. It's in the communities it built, the stories it tells, and the endless possibilities it represents for future generations of designers and athletes.

Your feet will feel like they’ve reached heaven on earth when you slip them into a pair of Nike Air Max 95s for the first time. When you can experience that sensation each day with a colourway that adapts to your various fits, you’ve found an excellent shoe that has helped an entire generation find their path to walk in life.