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Asics GEL Nimbus 26 Review: Best Shoes for Serious Runners


The Asics GEL Nimbus 26 is a popular model, and it didn’t take long for me to see why. It offers exceptional cushioning and comfort, making it suitable for everyone from the casual runner to the veteran marathoner.

If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes that will go the distance for each training session, I found this model’s design to be exceptionally supportive and durable.

Here’s a closer look at my experience with the Nimbus 26s.

Comparisons to Previous Models

The Nimbus series has undergone significant changes over the past few years, with several updates occurring with the 24s.

  • Asics introduced updated gel technologies for better shock absorption with the 24s. Additional FlyteFoam was added to the 25s, and the 26s now offer optimal support with refined placements.
  • The midsole provides soft landings and energetic steps, a focus that has kept improving over the years with each model.
  • With the 26s, the mesh upper has become more refined to adjust better to your movements instead of the standard fit you received with the 24s.

The Nimbus 26 represents a culmination of continuous improvements in comfort, technology, and performance, maintaining its legacy as a high-quality, high-comfort running shoe.

Pros and Cons



Constructed with high-quality materials, including the AHAR+ rubber on the outsole, the Nimbus 26 is designed to withstand high mileage.

The feel of these shoes can be heavy, especially if you love a minimalist approach to what you wear.

It performs well across a variety of conditions and surfaces, from track workouts to long road runs.

These shoes tend to be priced on the higher end of the Asics spectrum.

The Nimbus 26 does not compromise on responsiveness, thanks to the FlyteFoam Propel technology that helps facilitate rebounding action for each foot.

Some runners prefer a firm, more direct impact instead of plush cushioning.

The upper adapts to your movements, increasing comfort while keeping sweat away from the feet.

Heat can get trapped within this design, especially when training during warm weather.

The Nimbus 26 Is for the Serious Runner

I take my training more seriously during the spring and fall months because of the work I do. There is a need to be fit and have stamina, and the Asics GEL Nimbus 26s do an excellent job of helping me to get and stay where I want.

Although the cushioning is substantial, these shoes still provide you with a lightweight feel under most conditions. The upper is designed to offer a breathable, secure fit, enhancing comfort during extended wear.

For me, the TRUSSTIC technology under the arch of the 26s is its best feature. It delivers more stability than other runners (including trail shoes), helping to extend the life of your investment. I get the extra help I need with foot support due to how I’m built without needing orthotics or slip-ins.

The X-55 sock liner improves moisture management inside the shoe compared to other models. As for the outsole, the high-abrasion rubber is placed in critical areas to deliver exceptional durability.

Finally, I love the multidirectional stretching you get with the updated mesh. The Asics GEL Nimbus 26 adapts to the shape of your foot, ensuring the fit is snug and comfortable while moving. 

Delivering Structural Support

In the 25s, runners had a lace throat shaped like a W. With this updated version, it is more like a V. Wider straps over the arch with the increased buildup in this area help with lockdown issues some runners might have previously encountered.

For me, I like how the extra support along the top translates to additional stability below. I’m not worried about the impact on my foot because the shoe doesn’t move during a run.

I also appreciate how balanced the Asics GEL Nimbus 26s feel, even though the actual weight is above average for a modern running shoe. Once you hit your stride, the design helps you roll right through to the next step.

The foam foundation does feel firmer than what you’ll experience in other Asics shoes. I found the traction to be excellent, especially in wet conditions, and this combination works well for training confidence.

Run with Confidence in Any Conditions

Reflective materials are meant to catch light waves and send them back toward the source. This reaction is crucial for a runner’s safety, especially during rainy weather, early morning training, or an evening workout session.

I found that the GEL Nimbus 26 places reflective materials in three strategic locations that can help with your visibility.

1. The heel is a common spot for all shoe manufacturers because it is a high-motion area that quickly catches the eye.

2. The reflective strips along the Asics branding pick up the light to give you reflective action from multiple angles.

3. You can incorporate reflective threads into the laces for another position of additional support.

I tend to pair my running in low-light conditions with a safety vest to ensure I’m easy to see. These elements also add a stylish, high-tech look to the 26s without compromising the fit or aesthetics.

It also showcases the brand’s commitment to the wellbeing of runners, ensuring that you can perform and be protected with a single investment.

How the Asics GEL Nimbus 26 Feels When Running

These shoes fit into my Goldilocks zone. They’re not too soft, and they’re not too firm. The cushion I get from them absorbs the impact effectively, allowing for a supported long run.

I love how the shoes feel lively. The responsiveness is a quality that not all running shoes can offer, especially when they’re designed to work in various conditions.

The only thing I find myself cautious about with the 26s is getting them dirty. That mesh can be challenging to clean, especially when the dirt gets ground into the material. No shoes are expected to look showroom-fresh forever, of course, but too much debris can alter the breathability aspect of the design.

I have logged three months of hard running on these shoes, and they have stood up to every test. They are one of my favourite things to wear, even if I’m just running errands.

Final Verdict

Several features stand out in positive ways with the 26s. For me, the updates to the proprietary foam technology are the primary reason to consider this shoe. The organic fibres are more durable and have more density, delivering firmness and plushness with each step.

I know each step gives me a consistent bounce that provides consistent energy for my training, even if I’m going a little slower on a trail.

The Asics GEL Nimbus 26 also comes with an impact guidance system. This design philosophy strives to enhance your natural gait, from heel to toe, to create better strides at any speed. It is a way to improve your running efficiency while reducing the overall risk of an injury.

These features collectively make the 26s a technical, performance-focused shoe that is worth an investment. It meets the needs of a serious long-distance runner while providing care and comfort for virtually any training session.